Ephemera & Between the Blue and the Black written by Steve
Rains pt.1 & 2 written by Chris
The Analog Kid by Lee, Lifeson & Peart
Joe Cavazos:
vocals, guitars, keyboards,
tambourine, shakers,
pink shorts

Steve  Werthner:
6 & 12 strings guitars, vocals,
Jerry Seinfeld impersonations

Jim Kerr:
drums, electronic drums,
lead singer of Simple Minds

Chris Appel:
fretted & fretless bass,
voice of reason

Between the Blue and the Black

Rains part 1

Rains part 2

The Analog Kid
We had to record a Rush song
There are secrets within lies, answers
within riddles. Lay off the ACS. You
betcha, Galen. Open your mind and hear
what your heart wants to deny.
End of line.
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